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Brokerage Service:

  1. Trading facilities through Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd.
  2. Trading of Portfolio Accounts

CDBL Services:

  1. Full service DP
  2. BO (Beneficial Owner) accounts opening and maintenance
  3. Dematerialization and Re-materialization
  4. Transfers and Transmission through CDBL
  5. Pledging, Un-pledging and confiscation of securities
  6. Corporate announcement management

Online Service:

  1. Online share trading (Market Order)
  2. After trade hours, portfolio statement is sent to respective clients email address.
  3. Payment receive through accounts payee cheque, pay-order, cash & online deposit or any mode if you feel relax

Other Services:

  1. Considering portfolio turnover we provide special trained trader & booth
  2. Time to time our market analytical team provide data
  3. Base information regarding marketing situation
  4. We able to provide any types of trade facilities through mobile, internet & online trading system etc.
  5. Our team nursing your portfolio all their service
  6. Dedicated customer care support service
  7. Client wise dedicated accounts manager

Research & Analysis Services:

  1. Statistics and economic Review
  2. Daily stock market insight information review
  3. Sector and company wise updates
  4. Arrange training for investor related to the capital markets
  5. Timely information about profitable investment opportunities
  6. Fundamental and technical analysis
  7. Quality economic & investment research
  8. Highly economic & investment research

Trading & Customers Services:

  1. Hassle Free Trading Facility for Clients
  2. Large multimedia trading screen
  3. Ladies corner for share trading
  4. Orders can be received through e-mail, telephone or fax
  5. Trade execution confirmation is provided to clients through e-mail
  6. After trade hours, Confirmation is sent to respective clients mobile number
  7. Strongly maintained client account confidentiality
  8. Fund Transfer Through BEFTN
  9. IPO Fund Received